Intro Project workshops

Single/multi session, project-based instruction
No pre-requisites! Easy breezy! A great way to get your feet wet. 

Advanced Project Workshops

Multi-session, project-based instruction
A more involved project based instruction.  These are more complicated and/or multi-step projects that require some experience.

process workshops

Single/Multi-session, process-based instruction with suggested projects
Process workshops encompass quick fun processes that don't necessitate an entire class; they can help you learn a new skill or give you a little refresher when you want more practice.  If you do not fulfill a requirement for an upcoming class that you would like to take, enrolling in the right process workshop can bring you up to speed.  Visiting artists are invited to share their knowledge and bring additional skills and viewpoints to the table.

Full Term Courses

Multi-session, process-based instruction with suggested projects
10 week classes, offered seasonally
Winter Term starts January 6, 2020

Open Studio / Bench Space

The studio is open for community use by the day, week, month, or subscription!  If you already know how to use the tools, you don't need to be enrolled in classes to use them.  Participation in Studio Introduction and Safety is required before using Open Studio time.  Studio Introduction and Safety sessions are free and operate on a first-come first-served basis.  Please contact us in advance to schedule!

Open Studio includes access to: soldering & annealing station, saws, files, sand blaster, rolling mill, investment casting vacuum, electric casting centrifuge, sand blaster, belt & disc sanders, anvils, stakes, hammers, mallets, ring mandrels, ring sizers, all the pliers, burnishers, bevel rollers, dapping sets, flex-shafts, drill press, bending brake, sheer, roller, ultrasonic cleaner, pickle pots, steam cleaner, safety equipment, hydraulic press, and much much more.


1 Day Pass - $20
7 Day Pass - $50
30 Day Membership - $100
Sustaining Membership - $90/month subscription.
*Members also receive 5% off on classes and supplies! (metal stock is excluded).